dca crossing

Headed to DC for the weekend. I'm going for CSJP business, but it's also where I grew up and where my Dad lives, so I'm taking an extra day to spend with him and to visit a sick friend. Our CSJP house is located near Catholic University. It's always a surreal experience for me to go back there in my new life, since it's so close to where my life started! I was born a few miles away. My grandparents and mom are buried a few miles in the other direction. My high school is just across the DC/PG County line. And I actually graduated from high school at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, literally just down the street from the house where our Congregation Leadership live!

I'm hoping to see the exhibit Women & Spirit about the 300+ years of Catholic Sisters in America. It just happens to be at the Smithsonian while I'm there!

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