In the mail today ....

In the mail today I received a lovely letter from a kindergartner at St. Philomena's school in PA:

Dear Sr. Susan,
Happy Vocation Awareness Week! Thank you for answering God's call to become a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace. Many blessings to you. Many blessings to you and you will be in our prayers each morning. :)

It looks much more awesome in its handwritten form! Sweetness in an envelop. Here's a shout out to their teacher Ms. Mary Anne! Thanks for thinking of me. It means a lot.


Sister Juliet said...

that's precious! I'm thankful for your vocation, too... gotta stick together, us sisters!

Cathy said...

Very tender and an amazing affirmation Susan.

Pachyderm said...

Isn't that lovely? And isn't it neat that the children are being taught about the religious vocation from such a young age?

Sr Therese

MaryAnn said...

It was my pleasure and the children love to learn about vocations. We wrote to about 15 of the sisters and are sending prayers your way!!