Somehow February wooshed by, and here it is the last weekend of February. I lived for 16 years 3 hours south of Seattle in a little town named Portland. I went to college there. I grew up there. I found God there. And I made some absolutely amazing and dear friends who are still there, while I've been moving around and growing into my new life as a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace.

But friendships are very important, for our hearts and minds and inner being. Of course I've made friends in community, and a year and a half into my sojourn in Seattle I've made some friends here too. Not to mention my bloggy friends! But there's nothing like spending time with the people who you've shared joy, laughter and tears with. Plus there are now amazing little people who have become part of my friends' families to play with and get to know as well!

So, this is all a long preamble to sharing the news that I'm headed to Portland this weekend. I have so many other tasks that need to be done -- homework, some projects for community, sorting out the piles of paper on my desk, etc... But I also know that I need to be with my friends. It's been far too long!

And so, once I pack my bag and make my bed, I'm headed down for the drive I learned so well during my groovy sister reserves, only in reverse! (I spent every other weekend in Seattle when I was discerning my vocation, so I know this stretch of I-5 particularly well.)

I'm actually looking forward to the drive ... I've had an assortment of wonderful observations, reflections and God moments on that solitary drive over the years.


Garpu said...

Have fun! Making kimchi this weekend. :)

Sr Therese said...

There's nothing like friends who know you inside out and upside down - the good bits and the really bad bits. Thank God for them.

Enjoy your R'n'R with your beloved ones, Sister!

Sr Therese