balance consequences

Sorry for the blog silence. As regular readers of my occasional musings know, I've been super duper busy lately. All good things ... ministry, community, school, visiting friends, etc... But good things or no, balance is always the trick. In religious life circles, the conversation often turns to how to balance the mix of prayer, ministry and community. Then again, there's a similar conversation in most circles I think! I know that my friends who have munchkins often feel the crunch. And my friends with high powered careers as well.

But I can only deal with my own attempts at balance. And sometimes, I think, my body likes to tell me that I'm not doing a very good job. That's what happened this week .... My allergies turned quickly into a very bad cold which has done not such nice things to my asthma. As a doctor friend likes to say, I get "twitchy" very fast. Oh, and did I mention that I've lost my voice?

So, even though I have a term paper that I need to write and I was supposed to be many places this weekend, I find myself trying to keep my germs at home and to myself as best I can.

One thing that happens whenever I get a nasty cold like this is that I remember how lucky I am to have my health. So many people are suffering from so much worse. I'm sure that in Haiti and in Chile, there is someone who feels as bad (or much worse) as I do, and does not have a roof over their head, a hot water kettle nearby for soothing tea, and a computer/tv to distract them. Not to mention all of the people facing major life threatening situations. So I pray for all those who are ill today, especially those who are in stressful and vulnerable situations.


Carl said...

First of all let me say the I hope you are feeling much better. I think sometimes our bodies know when we need to stop and recharge better than we do so they "make" us stop and relax. Unfortunately when our body has to make us stop it is often in a way we do not desire.

It is often amazing to me how God will put us into situations that are not ideal "for our own good". I'm talking about a spiritual good. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and have experienced things here that I wish I could forget, but that is too easy. I have experienced things here that have made me grow closer in my walk with Christ. Funny though, it was not the danger from bombs or mortars or rockets, it was the "quiet" times that allowed for reflection.

Even though I have been separated from my wife and children for more than a year and been in a combat environment I am thankful for the opportunity I have been given. I am a medic in the army and a nurse in my real life. I have had the privilege to serve with a great group of soldiers. We have been through a lot of tryng times and as we are preparing to head back home I ponder what good we have done here.

Unfortunately, there is little the US or any other country can do for the rural areas of Afghanistan. We build schools and clinics, improve roads and other infrastucture and we train the Afghan Security Forces, but what are we really doing for the everyday run-of-the-mill Afghan? The first thing I think is not much, but then I pause to think of the good that one person can do, that person who strives to learn some of the language or who partakes of little pieces of the culture such as taking off ones shoes when entering a home. That person is making a difference. That person on the street. The US will not be able to bring peace to Afghanistan, but maybe our soldiers can bring peace of mind and heart to one person.

Since we are called to be Christ-like. May we all approach one another and the task that are before us with the same zeal and love that Christ displayed. Peace and love to you all. Blessings.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...


Thanks so much for your beautiful comment! And blessings of peace and safety to you and all the people you will meet this day.