Happy St. Joseph's Day

When Margaret Anna Cusack, founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace was discerning her call to found a new order, she decided to call on Joseph as patron because he himself was a model of peace. In 1883 (one year before our founding) she wrote these words: ""No doubt we may point to St. Joseph as the great model of every virtue, but it would seem as if peace was his crowning grace. "

I'll admit to a growing fondess of Joseph. Growing up Catholic, and 1/2 Irish at that, I never knew that 2 days after St. Patrick's day there was a day to celebrate the husband of Mary and step-father of Jesus. To be quite honest, before entering the CSJPs I never thought much about Joseph, but as I say he's been growing on me. A few years ago I made him my "Advent friend," a wonderful experience of waiting for the birth of Jesus with Joseph.

If you haven't thought much about Joseph, I invite you to do so today. He's an amazing spiritual companion. Here's a little prayer video I put together that Advent when I was journeying with Joseph.

From the beginning of the congregation
Joseph was chosen as our patron
because he is a model of peace.
His courage to live a life of faith
inspires us to trust in God's abiding love,
especially in times of struggle and uncertainty.
(CSJP Constitution 36)

Seven years ago today, on St. Joseph's Day, the US began its military engagement (a little thing called a war) began in Iraq. Since then, thousands of Iraqi civilians and US, coalition and Iraqi military and police personnel have died. Thousands more have been injured in life-changing ways.

Please join me in asking St. Joseph, model of peace, to pray for peace for the Iraqi people. That their election transition may go smoothly and peacefully. That the anticipated US troop withdrawal will take place and most importantly will lead to a more stable, peaceful Iraq where the Iraqi people can live their lives fully and joyfully. St. Joseph, pray for us.

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Happy St. Joseph's Day...enjoy the celebration!