oregon coast

Many moons ago I was part of a discussion group at my parish around "Sense of Place"--the idea being that we each have a place where we make most sense and the world makes the most sense. To make a long story short, I confirmed what I already knew ... that the Pacific Northwest was my home, and that the Oregon Coast is the place where I most deeply connect with God.

In my agnostic but seeking days, I used to spend many weekends at the Oregon Coast. Walking on the beach, looking at where the forest meets the ocean, I felt calm and connected to something more. When I became Catholic again, my weekend trips decreased in frequency but increased in intensity. In fact, four years before I actually listened to my deepest longings, I was walking on the beach when I first felt this incredible pull, tug or push--all of the above?--that I wanted to serve God and become a Sister. That crazy thought/feeling/desire was quickly filed away for a few years until it seemed a little less crazy.

Still, there is something about the Oregon Coast that allows me to experience God's deep and abiding love for me and all of creation like no where else. This weekend, after a four year absence, I found my way back to the coast for a bit of quiet, alone time and renewal. What a gift.

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia and a Creative Commons 3.0 license)

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Eliza said...

I am right there with you. I am glad you could visit this place again. :-)