Is it summer where you live? Technically it's summer here in Seattle, but after a few days in the 90 degree heat of DC it feels more like spring here. Some days we break 70 degrees, other days still in the 60s. Makes it hard to believe it's summer.

Except for the changes in calendar. I've got a week long summer school class starting tomorrow night. A vacation week with some friends in July. Then another trip back east to visit my Dad and go on retreat. In the middle lots of projects to get done in my ministry at the peace & justice center.

The blog might be going into summer mode (ie less regular postings). Then again, I might find myself inspired once the sun returns!


Jason said...

I read that Seattle´s had a record-setting stretch of 271 days without temps over 75.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

haven't read it, but wouldn't surprise me. We had one day over 75 a couple of weeks ago. And we have sun during parts of the day, clouds other parts of the day. It's not raining much ... it's just a very LONG spring.