Blogs with Substance Award

Sr Ann Marie from the Franciscan Life Blog left a kind comment to my last post saying that she was awarding me the "Blog with Substance Award." It's kind of ironic that she posted this comment on a post without much substance, a silly blog quiz! But I appreciate the sentiment and guess it's probably based more on the past five and half years of Musings of a Discerning Woman.

As part of my acceptance post (not quite a speech), I'm supposed to sum up my blogging philosophy, experience and motivation in five words. So here goes:


Ok, so some of most if not all of my words are compound words, but that will have to do. After five and a half years, much of myself and my journey is on these pages. For what purpose, I'm still not quite sure, but it still seems to me that God is calling me to share my journey here on the blog. My hope is that it will touch someone somewhere and help them to follow their own heart to God's dreams for them.

Now, it is my pleasure to award a few "Blogs with Substance" awards to some of the blogs that I read regularly for inspiration, motivation and illumination. Please visit these blogs and see if you agree with me that they are blogs with substance:

La Paz de Susan - for an eye on the world through her experience in El Salvador
Restricted view - for an eye on the world through theater
Stand Tall Through Everything - for an eye on the world through life's challenges
Streams of Conscientiousness - for an eye on the world through new adventures

Take a moment or two on this summer day to stop by the blogs of these lovely ladies. And thanks again to Sr. Ann Marie!

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Cat said...

aww, thanks, Susan! I appreciate the honor, especially from someone who's blog I read voraciously!