Here I am

I spent a lot of time at this spot last week, gazing out at the ocean in all its glory. One morning, about half way into the week, I woke up early and sat in this chair by the sea for quite a while. A simple prayer filled my heart ... "Here I am" ... and this poem came to me.

Here the stout ocean pines dance
swiftly in the wind
as seagulls glide
the sun peaks through
the dusting of cotton ball clouds
just for a moment
and is gone

I spot two minuscule ants crawling
into my lap, they think --
Buddhist nun I am not

Yet the waves gently crawl
into the lap of my heart
one by one
over and over
the heartbeat of God?

Am I the first to ponder
their continuous rhythm - surely not
Rolling in
rolling out
since time began

No replay button or pause
Simply in
simply out
sometimes strong
sometimes very soft

But always there
Always here
The great "I Am"


Melissa said...

Beautiful, Susan!

Pachyderm said...

Lovely, Sister Susan. May I use this in the contemplative service I'm running on Sunday night?

Sr Therese

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

@Therese ... sure!