Papal Blessings

A few words from the Pope ... Pope Leo XIII that is:

O Lord, you see how everywhere the winds have burst forth, and the sea is convulsed with the great violence of the rising waves. Command, we beseech you who alone are able, both the winds and the sea. Restore to mankind the true peace of your name, that peace which the world cannot give, and the calm of social harmony. Under your favor and inspiration may men return to due order, and having overthrown the rule of greed, bring back again as ought to be, the love of God, justice, charity toward neighbor, temperance in all desires. May your kingdom come.

In May 1884, Mother Clare (Margaret Anna Cusack) met wih Pope Leo XIII in a private audience. He said: "I bless you, I bless your order Sisters of Peace, God will bless and prosper it. I bless your Sisters present and to come"

Given his amazing words that could be said just as easily (or prophetically) said in 2010 as they were in his time, perhaps it is no wonder that he gave such vigorous approval to the new Sisters of Peace.

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