community calendar

One very important member of my local community here at Grace House is our calendar.

You see, we are all very busy with different ministry commitments, school, etc ... For example, once classes start I will be out every Tuesday night for my Christian Anthropology class. I also have three evening presentations coming up in the next month, two of which will require overnight trips. Add to that being out one night for my faith sharing group. One night for a parish meeting. You get the drill. It adds up, and I'm just one person! Add four other people's busy schedules to the mix and it's a miracle that we ever find time to be together.

Enter the calendar. For one thing it's practical. If you're the cook on a given night (I generally cook on Fridays), you can look ahead of time and see how many people you're cooking for. It also helps us to take stock of how busy we are - it's all there in black and white (and red and green depending on what color pen people use), which in turn helps us to step back and see if there are places where we can make space to simply be with each other. I can honestly say that every member of my local commitment values our time together, whether it's for community meals, prayer, sharing or simple fun. It just takes some high math sometimes to get it all coordinated.

Really it's not that different from some of my friends' family calendars, with boy scouts and soccer and neighborhood meetings. Perhaps it's more a symptom of our busy American culture. In any case, I'm glad we have our calendar to help us keep accountable to each other (and keep track of where we're supposed to be!)

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