Busyness and Sabbath

You may have guessed, given the light blogging of late, that I've been a wee bit on the busy side. Nothing bad, just lots of something. Ministry, school work, a few committees, family stuff, community .... You get the gist. At times I've felt like I've been running on a treadmill, or in circles, or a perpetual motion machine. Thankfully I have wise people of all ages in my life who help me remember to stop, breathe, and just be with my creator God. And I'm always happier (and saner and calmer) when I do just that.

Tonight I attended a local Spirituality on Tap event. One reason I went was that a friend of mine was coordinating it. But another reason I went was that it was in my calendar, and when I looked at it and thought I was too busy to go, I stopped and looked at the title of this particular session: "Taking Sabbath in our Daily Lives." It was as if God (or my friend) was tapping me on the shoulder saying, "Susan, I think you should make time for this."

So glad I did. It's not that there was earth shattering new information, just a reminder of what I already know ... the importance of sabbath time in my life. For a while there I had a really good sabbath practice. I'd schedule time on my calendar so that other appointments couldn't creep in. I had a routine of quiet, reflection and gentle activity. It filled a deep yearning inside myself for that which is beyond me. It was nourishing, life giving, and oddly created new time and space in my life (odd given that it took time, yet it created it at the same time).

But just because you know something is good for you, doesn't mean you do it. First this preempted my time. Then that. Then that. And that. And oh yeah, that. Before long, I was on the perpetual motion machine.

I've been feeling the need and desire for space, breathing room, and solitude. Talking about it with my spiritual director. Taking baby steps. Tonight was a reminder that I have the "tools" and the desire, all I need is the intention.

So tomorrow, I'm scheduling God into my calendar. And the next Friday. And the next Friday. Sabbath Fridays are back on tap for this perpetually discerning woman. (Until I suppose I forget again and need some more gentle nudges.)

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