new lenses

Last week I made my biennial (that's every 2 years, right?) trip to the eye doctor to get my vision checked and new lenses and frames. In terms of vanity, I always enjoy trying on a new look with my frames for the next two years, and am lucky that my insurance covers that. In terms of health, it's always nice to have a professional look at my eyes to make sure they are healthy. Sight is an amazing gift. But perhaps most practically, I always look forward to seeing the world through new lenses. Lenses that correct the faults of my eye, that help me to see the world more as it really is.

I think that in a different sense, the people in our lives are our eye doctors. Have you ever had someone stop and invite you into a conversation that helps you to realize you haven't been seeing very clearly? I have, a few times of late in fact. And while it's always a shock to realize that your vision of the world isn't necessarily how it is, I always appreciate the compassionate care of the people in my life who help me to see the world better. And I hope, at times, that I am that person for other people.

For now, I'm still waiting for my new glasses to arrive!


Sarah said...

I hate going to the eye doctor but I always like getting new glasses. I can always see so much better, and you really have no idea until you get new glasses.

Pachyderm said...

And I hope we see a new pic of you when your glasses arrive, Sister!

I agree with you about the "new vision" thing too.

Sr Therese