I've been blessed with some incredible friends in my life, people who help me to make sense of the world and keep me honest (and keep me from taking life too seriously). As my life has shifted and changed in wonderful if unexpected ways these past six years, my friendships have shifted as well. To be honest, things have shifted for long time friends too. Marriages, kids, career changes ... none of us are who we were. And yet, deep friendships carry through all those changes. We may not see each other very often outside of the 21st century world of social networking, but when we do our connections carry us through.

Last week I wrote in a blog post that I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions. That's true and yet at the same time, I have been feeling the desire to be more intentional with friends ... to make contact when I'm thinking of them, to catch up once in a while in a long distance phone conversation, and when possible spend good quality time together.

I've also made some new friends in this foray into the wonderful world of religious life. Community members of course, friends through school and ministry experiences, as well as peers in other religious communities through Giving Voice. I'll get to see some of those lovely ladies next weekend at the Under 40's Gathering in Arizona (aka young nuns in the sun). I'm really looking forward to that quality time!

So, all in all I am feeling very grateful this evening for the friends in my life. Thank you for challenging me, celebrating life with me, making me laugh, listening when I need to rant and rave, and most of all for being you and helping me to be me. You know who you are. Peace.

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