Giving Voice Update

Howdy from Chicago where it's been just a little bit hot!  Recent thunderstorms the past day or two have cooled things down a bit, which is good.

Our Giving Voice National Gathering is going swimmingly!  Such energy, life, commitment, curiosity, and honesty is present in the 150 women who have gathered from Congregations across the US and across generations.  Our conference planning team are each taking turns hosting the days of our conference. Today I hosted with my friend Vic, so as you might imagine I'm feeling a bit of relief that we have reached the end of the day!  All went well and better than well at the same time.

We've got a Conference Blog going with some of the highlights from our gathering if you're interested in seeing some of what's bubbling up in hope for the future that is present now.  One little piece to share is this wordle which comes from all the questions we raised on the first night of the gathering, the burning questions we'd love to be in conversation with with these folks.  Check out the biggest words and you'll see where our energy, trust, and life are.


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