Quiet Day

During my retreat this summer, in conversation with my retreat director, I found myself lamenting the fact that life gets so busy that I rarely have time to just be, pray and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.  Ministry, study, community, friends, family ... the mix gets surprisingly full.  But my retreat director didn't let me off the hook--she challenged me.  The end result being that I now have scheduled in my calendar one day of quiet/prayer/away time each month.  Some days might be more contemplative and prayerful at home.  Other days, like the gorgeous Pacific Northwest August day that was today, I might be more adventurous.  Today I spent my quiet day at Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands.  And on the Ferry of course, which was a great place to pray in the midst of all the families and friends headed to the Island!

Amazing ...

I feel refreshed and renewed, especially after spending all that time in the fresh air.  Here's hoping I manage to keep these sabbath days open on the calendar.  I had something that tried to sneak onto my quiet day today, but I managed to keep my commitment to myself (and God).

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