I'm back home after spending a week or so away on retreat and then visiting with family and out of town friends after my final vows liturgy.  Tonight is my first night back in my own CSJP community house and my bedroom.  I just put my newly signed personal copy of my perpetual vows in the frame where I had been keeping my 1st vows.  It's in my prayer space.  I realized as I was putting it into the frame that I wrote my final vows in a much bigger font size than I'd written my first vows!  Guess that makes sense since these ones are forever.

Tomorrow it's back to my regular schedule of ministry, community, etc...  I know I've got a rather large to do list that I need to attend to.  I also of course have oodles of thank you notes to write to all the folks who have showered me with love and support on this special occasion.

And then next week is Thanksgiving!  Hard to believe how quickly that is sneaking up on the calendar.  I will be heading out of town to spend the holiday with my Dad.

Well, that's all for now!  Just wanted to check in and thank you all for your many blessings and kind words.

And the journey continues ....

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