Quality Dad Time

I've been spending the past few days visiting my Dad in Washington, D.C., the city of my birth.  I got here the day before Thanksgiving.  In addition to a yummy turkey day meal here at the retirement center, I've also had the chance to do some practical things--go to the doctor with him, show him how to use his new iPad, do some filing and sorting for him--and some fun things--we watched the final saga of Harry Potter together on cable and today went to a museum.  We also watched the DVD of my final vows ceremony, since he wasn't able to be there on the actual day.

Tonight I just finished reading his soon to be self-published memoir, Me? I'm From Iowa, one more time. Actually I read the proof to find any last minute corrections before my brother sends the final draft to the printer. Dad's been working on the book for years, but finished it up earlier this year.  I helped to edit the book when I was here last summer.

As Dad says in the introduction, he mainly wrote the book "to put on paper something about me and my family, to help answer some of the questions that our children and our friends may have."  It really is a joy to read.  For one thing, aside from being a cute farm boy in Iowa (pictured), my Dad has had many interesting experiences as a civil engineer, patent attorney, local elected official, transportation specialist and executive director.  I especially loved reading about his experiences in local politics in the 1960s as the civil rights movement took root and the old political machine was replaced by new reforming thinkers like my Dad.

But I think the bit I loved the most is hearing his version of how he met my mother at a church young adult group picnic.  He wanted a beer.  She was sitting on the cooler.  He asked her to move.  She said no. They had a conversation and the rest, as they say, is history.  Once she enters the story, they were a team.  Not only when it came to the family stuff, but I love how he describes the discussions the two of them had about politics and his move to get more involved and run for office.

The visit is almost over.  I have tomorrow morning and afternoon to spend with my Dad, then off the airport and back to Seattle.  It's been a good visit!

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