mary moments

Perhaps it is my Catholic School girl past, but over my life whenever I have been in a pinch, the prayer that comes to my lips is Hail Mary, full of grace.  Whether it was when my mom was in the ICU and other prayers were not coming to mind or even at more trivial moments like when I was late to the airport and hoping the flight would be delayed (that's only happened once in my travels, and thankfully I made it), this is the prayer that is on my lips before I know it. I guess you could say Mary is my go to woman.

For my protestant readers, no I am not praying to Mary but asking her to pray and intercede for me. There's just something about Mary. A strong Mother who wasn't afraid to call her son Jesus to task when he wasn't living up to his potential at the wedding in Cana. A woman of great faith who said yes, even though she had many questions. A woman whose magnifcat speaks prophetically for justice. She ponders the word of God in her heart and acts.  And so she is a model of faith, as our CSJP constitutions say.

On this feast day, Holy Mary, mother of God pray for us now and always.

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