Hello World

Happy New Year Everyone!  I am sorry for the long blog silence.  The Christmas and New Year Holidays ended up being a time for rest and healing for me as I managed to catch a nasty bug that wanted to stay around for much longer than it was welcome.

But, happily and thanks to the wonders of antibiotics, I am feeling much more myself.  I'm also feeling incredibly grateful that I have the resources and ability to go to a doctor when I am ill, receive medication, and take time away from work to rest and help it all work.  I realize that vow of poverty or no, that is really a luxury that many do not have.  So a prayer of gratitude is definitely in order!

What are you grateful for this 4th day of 2012??


Elizabeth said...

That I, too, have the ability to e-mail my boss and tell him that I have the plague and I will still have a job when I get back.

I try to practice gratitude... so here goes... a Husband who takes care of me; a house to be warm and taken are of in; electronics to combat the interminable boredom of being winded after I walk the 10 feet to the bathroom and back; money to get meds and my favorite pizza and tea and Puffs; friends who text and check in; kitties who give warmth and entertainment; a chair and blankies to snuggle in and brighter weather so I can open a window and get some fresh air...

and a myriad of other things that I'm too tired to list out...

Anonymous said...

I came upon this blog just at the same time that I found this lovely piece about gratitude. Maybe they were meant to be connected.

...love the reference to the life giving water. It's worth a watch.