Stopping the Demand - My Testimony at the State Capitol

Today I traveled to Olympia, our State Capitol, to join other advocates to testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on 10 Anti-Trafficking Bills.  I testified in support of four bills that specifically help to stop the demand for sex trafficking.  Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can watch my testimony.  Even though my prior life as a glorified bureaucrat has me fairly comfortable in a legislative hearing setting, I did stumble a little bit and was nervous.  But was happy to have the opportunity to share the important message of focusing not only on prosecution of traffickers and protection of victims, but on stopping the demand as well.

Currently, in the State of Washington the fine for being convicted of "soliciting a prostitute" aka buying commercial sexual exploitation is ... wait for it ... $150.  It's also not a sex crime and does not require registration as a sex offender.  One of the bills under consideration would increase the fine substantially to $1,500 for the first offense, $2,500 for the second offense, and on the 3rd offense would be a sex crime requiring registration as a sex offender.  If this passes, it would be a HUGE step forward in stopping the demand!

Please join me in praying for all victims of human trafficking, for conversion of heart for all traffickers, for inspired bold leadership by legislators, and for an end to human trafficking.


Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Here's the link that I referenced in my testimony to the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation report, "Deconstructing Demand"


Very interesting (and disturbing) reading.

Kelly_SSJ said...

Amen! Thank you for giving voice....all in time....our voices will be heard!

CAASE Staff said...

Hi Susan! We came across your post and are SO excited that you used our johns research in testimony for anti-trafficking legislation. Thank you for citing us, and keep up your great work!

-Kristin Claes and the CAASE staff.

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Thank you for doing the research! It looks like the increased fines for buyers of sex might pass in Washington State this session!