The Three Hour Tour with Sister Anthony Marie

One of the major blessings of my novitiate sojourn to the land called New Jersey was that I got to know our elder Sisters at our retirement community next door.  They were so happy to have the novices on the grounds and we were treated to many stories and trips down memory lane.

One day, I met Sister Anthony Marie on the elevator.  I was coming from the tower where I used to go to get away and pray--you can see the NYC skyline from up there!  Anyway, I met Sister Anthony Marie and she was so very excited to see me.  "Would you like to see my room?" she asked.  I had a little bit of time before I was expected back for dinner at the Novitiate house so I accepted.

Well ... I barely made it back for dinner!  The tour of Sister Anthony Marie's small room did not exactly take three hours, but it did definitely take longer than I had expected!  Every drawer she opened, every holy card she touched had a story attached ... a very entertaining but very long story.  I remember one particular story had something to do with a former student of hers at the School for the Blind who worked for the New York Yankees and invited her to a game and on to the field.  I could see the love she had for those she had ministered with over the years in her gleaming eyes, as well as her love of baseball!  

It was great, but I admit I was a bit worried that my novice director was going to start wondering where I had gotten away to. Perhaps Sister Anthony Marie sensed my worry and hesitation.  Before she sent me on my way, she gave me a souvenir.  I think it was a holy card and medal of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  If nothing else, it helped me to prove where I had been when I returned and sure enough my housemates and novice director were wondering where I had gotten away to!

I got word this week that Sister Anthony Marie passed away at the age of 95. Goodbye Sister Anthony Marie!  Thanks for the tour and your faithful joyful presence!

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Susan Dewitt said...

Ah yes, I remember getting a similar wonderful and lengthy tour from Sr. Anthony Marie - I remember the warmth and cheerfulness with which she blessed us well.