2011 Profession Class

Sunday is the World Day for Consecrated Life.  Every year, the USCCB sponsors a study of the religious Sisters and Brothers making final profession that year.  You can see our pictures and read a bit about us on the USCCB website.  You'll also see my friend and Sister on the Giving Voice core team, Sarah Kohles, OSF who made final vows as Dubuque Franciscan last year.

There's also a report based on the surveys we all completed. Some of the interesting findings:

  • The average age for Sisters professing perpetual vows in 2011 was 39.  Glad to know I'm average! :)
  • 1% of Sisters worked in Government before entering.  I'm guessing that's me.  So not so average after all. 87% of us had some sort of work experience before entering.
  • 34% were encouraged in their vocation by their parish priest (that includes me).  46% were encouraged by a religious Sister or Brother. 38% by a friend.
  • 86% of us participated in some kind of vocation experience, like a retreat or "Come & See" before we entered.
  • 95% of us had some sort of private prayer practice before entering.
  • We're highly educated.  16% had a graduate degree. 57% had a bachelor's degree.
Overall, it's interesting reading.

Please join me this week and especially on Sunday in praying for all men and women in the Consecrated life, and especially for those discerning a religious vocation and in formation.  Trust me, they need your prayers!

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