Today of course is Valentine's Day. Little kids will hand out cards with cartoon characters and superheroes, at least I think that still happens. Florists will be very busy, as will wait staff at romantic spots.

So much of the focus is on romantic love, which is by no means a bad thing.  We certainly need more love in our world. This morning in my prayer time I found myself thinking of those starving for love. Children in abusive situations. Women experiencing domestic violence. Homeless families seeking shelter and assistance. Men and women in prison. Whole communities held hostage by violence and war.

I don't have a valentine today, but I have the whole world. And so I send out my love this day especially to all those whose hearts, hopes and dreams are empty. I pray especially for them to my loving and gracious God.

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Crimson Rambler said...

I wished for a video camera on Valentine's Day -- happened to be in front of a very fancy local chocolate shop just at lunch hour, and the facial expressions of the men queuing up, across the shop and out the door, were...ELOQUENT.