As one might imagine, my life has been super Catholic ever since I entered religious life. Most of the people I know, in the places where I have lived as a Sister, are Catholic. Since I have lived in new-to-me places all along this journey, the people I know are through connections from the community, my ministry (which is run by sisters), and school (at a Jesuit University). I have met some non-catholic folks along the way but I realized recently that for the past 7+ years I have been living in a very Catholic world, even if I am living in the least churched part of our country.

The past week I have had two interfaith/ecumenical ministry experiences. On Sunday I joined a coworker at a housing and homelessness forum at a Jewish synagogue. Last night I joined another coworker in giving a presentation on immigration at a Lutheran church. Most of my presentations are with Catholic parishes and schools these days. It was great to branch out and connect with the larger fabric of religious folks responding to God's call to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God.

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