Spring Gardens

When I was living my single girl life in Portland, I suffered from a major mismatch of desire and ability.  To be more specific, I so wanted a front garden filled with beautiful spring blooms like the ones my mom used to plant: crocuses,  tulips, and daffodils. My desire was only increased by the long February to June springtime in the pacific northwest.

Unfortunately there were several complicating factors. One, I don't really have a green thumb. Two, I rented an inexpensive duplex which had limited garden options. The soil was rough. The snails and slugs were plentiful.  And sometimes passersby on my city street would literally uproot my plants.   Third, my desire to garden would come in fits and starts. I would get inspired, do lots of weeding, spend way too much money at the garden center,  and put in a good day of planting.  But weeding? Watering? Let's just say there is a good reason why a friend named my gardening style "slackidaisical."

Why this trip down memory lane? Because each morning during these sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy spring days, as I sit for prayer with my cup of coffee, I look out on the beautiful front garden here at Grace House that my sister housemate makes a reality faithfully each spring.  And for that I am very grateful!

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