Her Final Yes!

My novitiate classmate, Sister and friend Chero professed her final vows on Friday night in an amazing liturgy at groovy sister hq.  The party will continue tomorrow, hosted by her Kenyan friends and community.  There's a short post about Chero and the big event on the CSJP website.

My job was as videographer.  Once I get the video downloaded and edited, I'll post a bit here.  It was absolutely beautiful and perfectly Chero. She wore an incredible traditional outfit that her mother sent.  I'll try to post some close up photos later on, but for now, here she is professing her vows!

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Susan Dewitt said...

Thanks so much, Susan - I was thinking of Chero all day yesterday, and it's a joy to see her in her beautiful & traditional clothing. I wish I could have been there, am looking forward to your video as the next best thing.