Touchstones ... our beginning

Our CSJP Constitutions tell our founding story well. They also carry forward the heart of our charism and mission forward to today. As I said in an earlier post, we make our vows to God according to these Constitutions.

"This congregation had its origin
in the founder's response
to the social concerns and needs of the time.
Deeply moved by the sufferings of poor and oppressed people,
Margaret Anna Cusack sought ways to share her gifts with them:
'... it did matter to me a great deal in view of our common humanity, and in view of my love of the poor, that I should do all I could for those whom He had loved so well.' -The Nun of Kenmare, 1888

In accord with our tradition
we commit ourselves to promote peace
in family life,  in the church, and in society.
We strive to respect the dignity of all persons,
to value the gifts of creation,
and to confront oppressive situations.
We respond to God's people in need
and promote social justice
as a way to peace."

Such powerful words. Such an incredible and challenging legacy to be entrusted to help carry into the present day and the future.

Love. Respect. Common humanity. Dignity. Promoting peace. Confronting oppressive situations.
Margaret Anna heard that call, tried to live it, and attracted others who sought to do the same. She faced challenges, from within and without. And so do we. Yet we continue daily to respond to God who first loved us as we seek to act justly, to love tenderly,  and to walk in the way of peace.

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