Full Circle

Twenty Two years ago I was a rising Junior in high school looking at colleges. My Dad had a conference in a little town called Portland, so my mom and I tagged along.  While my Dad met to talk about highways and asphalt, my Mom and I explored from our base at a hotel near Lloyd Center. We went to Powells Books, rode the light rail, visited the rose garden, and experienced the beauty of the Oregon Coast. We also took a campus tour of Lewis and Clark College. The rest is history. My history.

Life has come full circle in a way. I was the one attending a conference this weekend, giving a presentation on the church's call to respond to human trafficking and immigration.  I am staying at the exact same hotel near Lloyd Center.

Life has a funny way of surprising you and reminding you of loved ones long passed, or the first time you tried marion berry ice cream, or your first steps on the path to adulthood.

A good weekend of ministry for the common good and memories of spirit filled moments in my own life.

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