Inherent Contradictions

If we're honest, each of us carries with us a few inherent contradictions.  I can't speak for you.  But I know that folks I've met in the past 7 plus years are often surprised when they discover two of my long time loves .... Star Wars and Ice Hockey.

First of all, let me just say that I have two older brothers.  Yes, that is how I was first introduced to both of these things that I love.  And yes, I realize that there might be some contradictions between my love of these two things, both of which arguably have a constitutive violent element, and my desire to grow in nonviolence as a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace.

I could try to explain it away.  I could talk about the mission of peace of the Jedi order.  The wisdom of Yoda.  The beauty of a breakaway goal (especially when shorthanded!) or the wonder of the illusive hat trick. The speed and intensity of hockey.  The imaginative world of Star Wars.  Those things are all true.

But there's no explaining away the contradictions.  So I choose to accept these two particular contradictions as something that makes me just a little bit more interesting!

Of course for friends and family who knew me in my past life, they'd probably be more concerned if all of a sudden I lost my love of Star Wars and Washington Capitals hockey.  Truth be told, I'd be a little worried too.  It's part of what makes me me!  And life enjoyable.

Even when the aforementioned hockey team loses to the New York Ranges in triple overtime of game 3.  Oh well.  It was a great game and there's always game 4.

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Garpu said...

Was a good game...but I can't really bring myself to root for either team.

But yeah...I was musing over some of the same things tonight while thinking about how my fandoms are problematic.