Utterly Amazing Jesus

Today's Gospel reading ends with this line: "They were utterly amazed at him." (MK 12:17)

As we should be. 2,000+ years later we have a tendency to soften Jesus. Even many of the images of "white jesus," as a Facebook friend refers to him, with flowing blond hair and doey eyes tend to soften the reality.

The reality as depicted in the Gospels is utterly amazing. Here is a man of discernment. A man of compassion. A man standing on the side of people living in poverty, the outcast, the oppressed. A man challenging the powers that be, speaking truth to power and paying the ultimate price.

Except that this man is also amazingly God. God who knows our human suffering, our human failings. God who stands on the side of the poor. God who challenges unjust systems and inspires us to work for justice. God who calls us to love no matter what the cost.

We are called to follow Jesus. So then then, we too are called to live utterly amazing lives. How will you live out this call today?

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