A labor of love

When my mom was sick and approaching her last days, she was worried about all the things she was leaving behind, tasks undone, etc ... One of her in progress projects were memory books she was making as her children turned 40. She had made the books for my two oldest siblings and was collecting photos and momentos for the rest of us. I could tell that she was really worried, plus I like being crafty, so I offered to finish the project for her. When my brother and sister turned the big 40, I made their books with everything mom had saved for them.

Well, I turn 40 two weeks from today. I have spent most of the past week finishing my book. Since my mom died before the whole nun thing, I took the liberty of adding a few things to the mix.

It was great putting it together. A labor of love to be sure.  I know my Mom is happy the books are done.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations for keeping your promise.