Goodbye Seattle

Early next morning I will be leaving Seattle after almost 4 years of calling the Emerald City home. Really, it's still the closest thing I have to home since our west coast CSJP regional center is here.  I've left some of my belongings in the basement of Grace House where I've been living the past three years. I'm keeping my Washington Drivers License and planning to vote absentee while I'm at school. And I have many Sisters, Associates and some newish friends in this City who I will look forward to returning to on future adventures.

When I left the novitiate to begin ministry at the peace and justice center and continue my formation as a temporary professed Sister, Seattle was pretty much new to me.  I'm a Pacific Northwest kind of girl, but was more familiar with the city to the South on the Willamette River.  It's been great getting to know this city, navigating the neighborhood streets, learning the shortcuts and alternate routes, looking at the Cascades in one direction and the Olympics in the other (on a clear day). I have gotten to know some of the human landscapes as well in the Catholic, social justice and anti-human trafficking communities.  Good people.

So I leave on my next adventures more a part of this City than I was when I arrived. I even know why the Space Needle is currently painted a glaring orange and that it's called "Galaxy Gold" (50th Anniversary of Seattle World's Fair and the needle's original color).

Goodbye Seattle folks (for now) ... see you on the internet and in person at some undetermined future date.

Next stop on the adventures of Susan Rose Francois, CSJP ... Chicago!

Stay Tuned

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