Conversations on Interculturality

I had a wonderful opportunity this afternoon to connect with some of my CSJP Sisters and Associates.  Each Sister of St. Joseph of Peace and Associate belongs to a small group, which we call CSGs.  These are opportunities to gather for prayer, conversation, celebration, and congregation business.  Given that I am now the only CSJP living in Chicago, I was happy to be welcomed into the "Four Winds" CSG, with members in Latin America and many parts of the US.  We meet virtually of course, tonight by conference call.  It was wonderful to hear the voices of Sisters and Associates I know well, and others that I will love getting to know through our virtual meetings in the coming years. Our topic tonight was a follow up to our Spring Assembly on the topic of interculturality.  It was a wonderful hour of prayer and conversation and helped make me feel connected to my far flung CSJP family.

Interculturality is also part of my daily existence here in Chicago.  I am living with men and women from China, Cameroon, Australia, Zambia, and other places I have not yet discovered.  My classes at CTU also have folks from every corner of the globe.  In one of my classes this week, I had an opportunity to taste what a rich learning experience this is likely to be.

We spent some time in my moral theology class talking in a small group about how we learned morality as a child, both at home and at school.  My group of four had a wonderful conversation with many commonalities and some differences.  We were in the same grouping last week, so we have started to get to know one another.  What made it so rich was that we had 4 continents represented!  One person grew up in the former Soviet Union, another in Korea, another in rural Togo, and myself in the suburban U.S.  You can imagine the depth and breadth of experience that was brought to our little conversation!

Now I need to write a short paper about my own experience growing up, weaving in some of the dynamics that I heard from my partners in our conversation.  That will be the tough part!

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