Seeking Reconciliation, Building Peace

Tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  I've written before about the pivotal role that day played in my own life and spiritual journey.  In the days and weeks that followed I discovered my calling to seek peace and reconciliation in the midst of our fractured world.  I became a Catholic peace activist, and eventually my path led me to discover my vocation as a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace as well.

It's fitting then that it is on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11 that I heard the news about a new opportunity I will have to help heal our broken world.  Regular readers of the blog may recall that I was awarded a Bernardin Scholarship from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.  Part of the scholars program involves an internship in one of the programs of the Bernardin Center.  I just learned that I will have the honor and privilege of working with one of the faculty members as an intern in his work on Reconciliation and Peacebuilding.  I know that this will be challenging, but that at the same time it will add a whole extra dimension to my studies and my own research.

And so on this eve of 9/11, I pray for peace, healing and reconciliation.  I keep in mind especially the families of all those who died on that day, those who were killed in the wars that followed, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and most especially the children in those countries who have only ever known war.  May they live into a future filled with peace, laughter, and joy.  Amen.

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