Swimming in Theology

On Monday I joined my sister and her family for a trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was a much needed study break and great fun.  They had lots of activities and "fall" themed displays.  One of them was a corn pool.  Yes, you heard me correctly, a corn pool.  Take some bails of hay to make an enclosure.  Fill it with kernels of corn.  Add a lifeguard complete with lifeguard chair and whistle.  Mix in some kids.  You get the picture.

My nephew had great fun swimming in corn.  I've been reflecting on this image (captured of course with my smart phone) as I approach the midpoint of my first semester here at CTU.  I'm having great fun swimming in theology.  It's lots of work.  Sometimes your feet, or head, or entire body gets buried (it was also like a big sand box full of corn).  But then you shake it off and dive back in.

We have reading week next week.  I'm headed to New Jersey for our community assembly and to visit with our Sisters and Associates in the midst of my wading in theology.  In addition to assigned course reading--which amazingly I am mostly on top of--I've also got oodles to read for my big research papers.  I have two of my three research proposals submitted and approved, so I need to get going on those.  I've also got an idea for my third paper, so I'm hoping to read enough to come up with a proposal for that one.

I'm also adding Latin and French language study into the mix.  It's kind of like diving into a different pool for a bit.  Speaking of .... I need to close this post and get back to my world of words.

If I'm a little less frequent on the blog these days, it's because I've been going on a long distance swim and don't really have time to come up for air. But all is good!

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