Turning over new leaves

So I've only managed to write nine blog posts during the month of October (including this one!).  There goes my intention to blog more often.  Other intentions have not quite fallen by the way side, but have certainly lost their intensity of late as well.  In their place are pages of reading, fun with my nephew, Latin and French conjugations, and a smattering of other things.

One new leaf that has someone managed to stay mostly on it's newly turned side in my life is keeping my room relatively clutter free.  Those of you who have lived with me in the past will find this amusing ... some of my dorm mates think that I am, wait for it, a "clean" person.  Funny, I know.  But let's look at the evidence for this assertion.

1. My room is pretty clean on a regular basis.  Yes there is a layer of dust that I see on my prayer table when the sunlight hits it at the right angle.  Yes my bathroom floor could use some attention.  Yes there are some piles of books on the floor, but they are organized by class and/or paper project.  And all of my clothes are put away in their proper place.  My bed has been made EVERY DAY (except for the day the maintenance men came in to turn on the heater--Murphy's law).  Other than the books, my floor is uncluttered and my desk is relatively so.

What do I attribute this to?  Well, procrastination may play a small factor--as in why work on my moral theology paper research when I can clean my room.  But more so, I think it's the fact that I just have less stuff here.  I moved by flying myself and 2 suitcases here and shipping a smattering of boxes.  I downsized a bit in my transition process, although I do still have more than I need in storage in one of our houses in Seattle.  The lesson might just be that the amount of stuff that I have here in my room at CTU is the amount of stuff I am capable of managing.

2. We share a common kitchen here on the 9th floor, and I am one of the residents who has been most energetic about making it cleaner.  Funny, I know. In fact, this week I reminded my RA that this was the 3rd week of the month and asked her to send out a note to remind folks that we promised to clean it thoroughly during the 3rd week.  I also just spent the morning on my kitchen cleaning charges.

What do I attribute this to?  Well, perhaps it's that I've been living with folks who really care about the common kitchen since I entered community, so I've become used to a higher standard.  Or it could just be that it was really gross and I don't really want the place where I make things to put into my mouth and digestive system to be a germ festival.  Most likely, it's a combination of the two but the end result is rather funny.

Because, you see, I am not a "clean" type of person.  Growing up, we cleaned up before my grandmother came over.  I grew up in a cluttered house, and while I prefer less clutter, I also know it's in my DNA of sorts.  Sooner or later, clutter takes over.  But I've been here 2 months and have not yet had to do a major de-cluttering operation!

Given how much information is cluttering my mind, well not cluttering really since the majority of it is ordered and extremely interesting, I suppose physcial clutter is not something I have room for at the moment.

Or, perhaps I have indeed turned over a new leaf?  Doubtful, but we can hope, right?

Random post over.  Off to go to a halloween party with my little cowboy and my big sis.

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