Foggy Headed Blog Quiz

Given the normal state of things, I think this silly blog quiz is actually fairly accurate:

Your Thoughts Are Creative
When it comes to thinking, you definitely like to "color outside the lines" a little.
You're not totally wacky, but you do put your own interesting spin on the world.

For you, every contrast is a little bit deeper and every idea is a little more profound.
Amazing things can come from your thoughts. You've got a lot of original ideas in there.

But, I've succombed to the cold weather crud and my thoughts are more foggy than anything else.  Alas, I still have 16 pages of a 20 page paper to write, and another 20 page paper to research and write in the next two weeks. Professors also keep assigning interesting readings (as if I have time!).  Sigh ... All will be well. I just wish I would be well soon! :)

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