Where I've Been

I know that my blog posts have been pretty few and far between.  You might wonder where it is I've been instead.  Well, for the most part I have been engaged in a nerd-festival, reading all about Reconciliation and Forgiveness, Moral Theology and the link between Spirituality/Liturgy and the Quest for Justice.  I've also been wrangling with a required philosophy course, but that's more muddling through than nerding out.

We're reaching the end of the semester.  Which leads me to where I'll be the next three weeks as I launch into my last two research papers (I'm happy to say I substantially finished one!):

"The Delicate Work of Time Management At the End of the Semester" via Mary is My Homegirl

This picture captures it.  I've borrowed it from one of my new favorite solidarity finding study break activities ... perusing the new-ish-to-me tumblr, "Mary is My Homegirl."  Or, as the anonymous author describes it on the tumbler: "Coping with the terrible life choice of studying catholic theology in graduate school."

Here's another favorite:

"When I Get Invited to Something Fun But I Have to Write:"
It's like

That was last weekend.  I skipped out on two fun invites so I could hunker down and finish my Reconciliation paper.  But it's done, and now I'm happy!  Also, my time management is so very important because this year I live in the same city as my sister and her family and get to have a local family Thankgsiving for the first time in 20+years!!!  And, the next day ..... I'm going to the circus with the family, including my little 2 1/2 year old nephew.  Happiness will ensue ... followed by a weekend chock full of research and paper writing!

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