So the end of the Semester is approaching.  I've still got French for a couple of weeks. But the rest of my classes here at CTU are wrapping up with multiple papers due next week and a final this Wednesday.  Surprisingly, I'm feeling like I've got it fairly under control and not at all like Kermit (via Mary is My Homegirl Tumbler):

Mary Is My Homegirl on FINALS

We'll see how I'm doing on Saturday night, which is when I'm hoping my final gigantic paper will be finished.  That one is on Thomas Merton's ecospirituality and how it intersects with his spirituality of peace.  Should be fun. I've also got a philosophy final Wednesday and a philosophy essay to pull together.  Plus I need to go back to my Trafficking/Reconciliation and Prudence/Conscious Consumer papers to fine tune them and get them ready to submit.  Unless of course I'm feeling like Helena Bonham Carter (at least I think that's who this is, again via Mary is My Homegirl Tumbler):

Mary is My Homegirl's Advice Regarding Final Papers:

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