New Years Themed Blog Quiz

Howdy everyone! I know the blog has been a little quiet.  After a great week with my Dad and then a wonderful Christmas with my sister and her family, I've been in my room working on my non-school-related to do list.  While I have not checked everything off, I am happy to say that some of the biggest items are done, others are in progress, and I'm starting to think of the others.

But for now, it's time for a break! One of my "young nun" friends is coming into town tomorrow night for a few days.  It will be good to see her, visit, see a few sights, and just generally hang out.  In fact, this blog quiz I think pretty much sums up our New Year's Eve plans, although dinner out might also be part of the plan!

You Should Stay Home for New Year's Eve
By the time New Year's Eve comes around, you are usually exhausted. You just need to rest.
That doesn't mean you won't celebrate, but you'll definitely be toasting the new year in your own low key way.

You'll reflect on the year that's passed and make plans for the year to come.
And when the clock turns over at midnight, you'll be cheering along with anyone else. You'll just be in your pj's!

Blessings of Peace and Joy in the New Year! 2013. Hard to believe.

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