True Confession ... of the Project Runway Variety

Yes, it's true ... I have been known to watch Project Runway.  And Project Runway Allstars.  It all started when I was introduced to this variety of reality show by a friend on vacation.  Before I knew it, I was watching it on the internet the day after it aired on cable tv.  For one thing, the Sisters I was living with would not have gotten the show.  For another, we did not have expanded cable.  So, in a way, until now when I'm broadcasting this news on the blog, my Project Runway habit has been a private one.

As anyone who observes my fashion sense knows, I don't watch it for the latest trends in fashion. Truth be told, most of what I see I would never wear even if it came in my size.  Most of it I am often surprised anyone would wear.  Then again, my own fashion sense is pretty simple.  After 8 years in religious life, I try to dress simply as our Constitutions say.  Granted, I go in for the more styley version of simple whenever my thrift store shopping allows, but it is always simple.  Comfort is also important.  I also own a lot of black even though my community does not wear a religious habit.

But I digress.  Why do I watch the Project Runway family of shows?  It's the same reason why I've also been know to watch cooking contest shows.  I love watching the creativity of the folks on the show.  They are given a challenge, often a very difficult or even absurd challenge, a small window of time and a limited amount of resources.  Yet what they discover, the obstacles and creative work arounds, the accidental discoveries, the mistakes, the opportunities are really in many ways what life is all about.

It's become a bit of a cliche and even a tag line for a travel industry commercial, but often times in life we are called not to do the stupendous or to give up, but rather, to make it work.  There's a good life lesson there I think.  While it may be as far from reality as 99.99999% of the "reality" tv that is out there, it is entertaining and celebrates the creativity of the human spirit.  In the grand scheme of things and given what else masquerades as acceptable entertainment in this world, that's a good thing in my book.

On that note .... time to catch up on the latest episode of Project Runway Allstars.

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