Praying in a spirit of humility

Today is a big day in a certain Italian city and really for all the church. Men who hold a special responsibility gather in prayer and discernment to select the new leader of our global church. This morning I was struck by the Canticle from Daniel 3 in the liturgy of the hours. This is the prayer of the church, and together on this day we pray:

"Today there is no prince
  no prophet, no leader,
  no holocaust, no sacrifice.
No offering, no incense,
  no first-fruits offered to you
– no way to obtain your mercy.
But in our contrite souls,
  in a spirit of humility,
  accept us, Lord.
Like a holocaust of rams and bulls,
  like fat sheep in their thousands,
  let our sacrifice be like these before you today.
Bring to fruition the quest of those who follow you,
  for those who trust in you can never be confounded.
And now we follow you with all our heart
  and we revere you and seek your face."

We are not called to factions or power plays or preconceived notions or defeatist attitudes. Rather we are called to follow God with all our heart. Trusting in God's love we seek God's face in a spirit of humility.

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