Romero on Why We Must Speak

Sunday will be the 33rd anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. This week, I'm sharing some of his words on the blog, courtesy of this online version of some of Oscar Romero's writings.
To try to reveal Christ
is our great pastoral task.
If I speak of earthly matters or political questions,
it is to guide our reflection towards Christ.
I would like you to understand me well
so as not to have a wrong idea of these Masses.
Far from being political gatherings,
they mean to draw the people toward Christ,
toward God.
Thus they are understood in many testimonials I receive.
It gives me great comfort to know
that people come to church on Sunday to look for Christ.
Even in the criminal realities of our land
Christ is present,
rejecting all that crime.
This is why we must speak of it here.
The picture is from my trip to El Salvador in 2007. This is the crypt of Monsenor Romero, in the basement of the cathedral in El Salvador. In front of the tomb is an altar, where (quite fittingly) a lively and boisterous mass is celebrated each Sunday. We visited his tomb, and then participated in the Sunday liturgy. It was an amazing end to our pilgrimage.

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