Graduate School's Detrimental Effect on Blogging

It's been quiet here on the blog front.  Mary Is My Homegirl has an animated explanation for why that is which I'd like to borrow:


Next weekend I'm going to have an opportunity to gather with two of my CSJP Sisters to talk about the transformation of religious life at a conference in St. Louis, in the company of lots of other women religious committed to the future of Roman Catholic religious life.  That is awesome. What is not so awesome is that my 15, 20, and 25 page papers are do shortly thereafter and as this gif illustrates, they are a bit of a mess and far from completion.  The conference is 3 days plus travel, hence less time to work on said papers.

A wise Sister friend recently reminded me that I know what I want to say and research is the tool.  I'm working on taking her advice.  So far, so good even if it sometimes feel the way Rachel is so dramatically expressing things. Really, limited time is the only real issue.  But it will get done!

Blogging may be light.  Send good vibes!

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