My Life as A Grad Student ... in animated gif form

We are approaching the home stretch of the Spring Semester, which translates in my life into a realization that I only have five weeks or so to get four rather large papers from concept to finished product, plus a few presentations, other assignments and readings.  Here's a pictoral representation of what I like to call "grad school problems," from Mary is My Homegirl.  Sometimes pictures (or animated pictures!) speak larger than words.

After I scheduled the next four weeks to include writing one paper each weekend or "When I Plan To Write An Entire Paper in One Weekend"

While trying to get the rest of my regular homework done or "The Semester is Winding Down & The Assigned Readings Has Nothing To Do With My Final Paper. Do I Do The Reading?"

And what I'm really trying to avoid or "When I Get Behind on Prepping for My Final Papers"

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