End of the Semester ... Summer Begins

Well folks, believe it or not the semester is finished, and along with it my first year of study at Catholic Theological Union!  It's been a great year and time has really flown by. I've been able to study and research incredible and important topics from human rights abuse to racism, climate change to reconciliation.  I've really appreciated being a little bit older as a 40 year old grad student with some life experience to bring into the academic mix (even if the 40 year old state of my little grey cells makes studying a little challenging!)

It's officially summer now in terms of the academic calendar, however, which means a little break!  I'm staying based in Chicago this summer but have a variety of exciting things on the horizon, mostly all religious life related.

Next week I head to spend a couple of weeks in the UK with my religious community, first for a community retreat and then to spend some time with our novitiate community which is now in London.

In July I head west for our National Giving Voice Gathering of sisters in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.  I'm on the planning team for this 4 day conference, so there will be lots to do between now and then!  It should be an amazing time to gather with peers and ponder mission and ministry in the 21st century.

Afterwards I'm headed north to spend time with my groovy sisters in Seattle and friends in Portland.  It will be nice to visit the Pacific Northwest for a while.

August holds another nun meeting.  I'm also planning some quality family time with my big sis and her family, my niece who will be coming to Chicago, and with my Dad over Father's Day weekend.

Community, religious life peers, family.  I've also got some work to throw into the mix, and some relaxation and prayer time.  It should be a good summer and renew and reset my brain for another year of courses come the fall!

For now, I'm celebrating the end of the first year tonight by taking advantage of student discounts to the Opera to see a production of Oklahoma!  Can't wait! :)

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