Sorry for the blog silence.  I've been attacked by my (seemingly) annual summer cold which has knocked me out of commission.  Happily while I've got some major deadlines on several writing projects looming, this week was fairly free in my schedule so I've been able to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and rest some more.  We're on day 4 and I'm starting to lose my voice, which generally means dawn should break soon and I will feel better.  I was hoping that was today, but no, not quite yet. So it's another day of rest for me.

I'm headed to a conference next week where I will need to talk to lots of people (I'm running an exhibit booth for Giving Voice). So even though I am not being productive these days (unless one looks at healing as productivity!), hopefully by resting now I'll be able to be productive next week.  And able to talk.  Having a voice to talk about Giving Voice would be a good thing!

On the good news front, I have been making excellent progress on a somewhat ugly blanket I've been knitting since the winter!  My brain can't really process information enough to finish my writing projects, but as a repetitive motion knitting is keeping me occupied.

Hope all my bloggy friends are well and enjoying the summer!  Stay well!!

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