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GV Booth at LCWR
My 2013 visit to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious Assembly representing Giving Voice is complete! And given that my pesky summer cough continues to make me verbally challenged, I am very grateful to my friends Jessi and Tere for helping to staff our booth in the exhibit hall!

Even with the vocal challenges, it was wonderful to be present and share the good news about our networking opportunities for younger women religious.  It's always nice to meet a congregation leader and be able to honestly tell them how amazing one of their younger members is!  It's also nice to have the opportunity to thank those congregation leaders in person who contribute financially to our little peer led grassroots organization of younger women religious.  This year we also had a number of "alumni" of Giving Voice, now in their 50s or early 60s, stop by to say how great it is to see new a new generation coming up.

This is the second year I have attended LCWR representing Giving Voice.  Once again I am in awe and filled with deep gratitude for the faithful, prayerful, and visionary women who have answered the call to leadership of their congregations, including my own congregation leadership team.

I am now headed to a much needed family vacation with my big sister and her family (including my favorite 3 year old).  If there is wifi at the beach house (as promised), I'll try to post a bit during the week!

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