Thanksgiving Thoughts

I realized this morning that this Thanksgiving holiday weekend is the fifth in row that I have spent writing a grad school theology paper!  The first three years I was as a part time student at Seattle U (I have clear memories of writing a paper for my Hebrew Scriptures class in a hotel room in Port Hueneme, California where I was visiting my sister). Now of course I am here at CTU with finals week rapidly approaching, or essentially here.

The beauty of course with my Chicago arrangement is that I can spend time with my family here in town, my sister and her family and now my Dad, without having to visit airports! That is something for which I am very grateful.I am also grateful for family connections and fun with my 3 1/2 year old nephew. And the marvelous feast prepared by my classically-trained-chef-brother-in-law (and the leftovers in my fridge!)

While I may grumble a bit with the amount of school work that piles up at the end of the semester, I am very grateful for the opportunity to study. My community has missioned me to study full time which is a real blessing and privilege.

And so, starting tomorrow morning, I must finish up on my research on nonviolent resistance to the Nazi Holocaust and then write my research paper.  THEN, my Christmas break begins!  Well, after my last class on Wednesday night and a quiz and a final interview on Thursday. Nevertheless, Christmas break is just around the corner. And it holds much more to be grateful for: a long visit with my CSJP community in Seattle, brief visits with friends in Portland, and a Francois family Christmas in Chicago with two sisters, three nieces, one nephew, a brother-in-law and my Dad!

But for now, nose must return to grindstone.

I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and an opportunity to offer your thanks for all of God's gracious gifts in your life.


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